CoverLogic® Mesh Swimming Pool Cover

CoverLogic® Mesh Pool Covers


Extremely Durable with a Lifespan Upwards of 10 Years

CoverLogix mesh pool covers are an attractive and functional addition to your outdoor environment. our covers provide peace of mind by creating a protective barrier that keeps everything out of the pool, including mother nature. You’ll be able to get your summer started faster when you open your pool and find inviting, clean water requiring minimal maintenance. Read more about CoverLogic®

The 9000MX™ delivers unparalleled performance across every application criteria. Woven with a thicker, heavy-duty thread, the 9000MX is an exclusively designed mesh providing a new level of durability, strength and sun protection. The 9000 Series comes standard with our extreme suspension package, sporting double-tension springs that have the muscle to take on anything nature dishes out.

9000MX™ Self-draining Mesh

The 9000MX is engineered for a new level of protection. Built with reinforced mesh, box stitched at critical webbing joints and equipped with heavy-duty suspension, this cover is designed to exceed expectations and is appropriate for demanding applications.

9000MX CoverLogix Pool Cover Mesh

7000MS™ Self-draining Mesh

A light-weight, ultra-fine weave mesh blocks 99% of sunlight and filters fine dirt particles down to 40 microns. Rain simply drain through the mesh. Excellent all-climate performance in a low maintenance, easy care cover.

7000MS CoverLogix Pool Cover Mesh

5000M™ Self-draining Mesh

This durable micro weave fabric has the highest abrasion resistance and tear strength in its class. It filters debris and dirt while allowing water to freely drain through the mesh. A good choice for a combination of protection and value.

5000M CoverLogix Pool Cover Mesh